Last day at work!

I have no intention of doing anything.  In fact I’m watching 91 Words for Snow and counting down the hours until Beer O’clock!

Don’t panic……….!

What have I done?

In about a week I will be going on holiday to the French Alps to ride my bike, drink some beer and, in the words of The Cars, let the good times roll.  However this time I’ve only had to buy a one-way ferry ticket.

 A week previously I answered an ad on a forum looking for people interested in living and working in the french alps helping to renovate an apartment.  I replied on a whim, not expecting to hear anything back but apparently I was exactly the type of person the chap wanted!  Which left me with a lot of thinking to do in a short amount of time.

The holiday was booked.  So as I was heading out to this place anyway in a couple of weeks, it would make sense to start work straight after rather than do another 1200 mile round trip.  Which gave me a fortnight to tell everyone what I was doing, move out, find some wheels, quit my job and sort out all the crap that comes with living abroad….and learn some French at least!

The more I thought about it the more it made sense.  I could learn the ways of mountain life, the skills to work on buildings, the language and generally live the life I’ve always wanted to. Plus (the real reasons!) ride my bike in one of the best environments in the world and snowboard my ass off in the winter.

 An email later and I was signed up. An hour after that I told my flatmates that I was moving out and the next morning the current job had gone.

Although all this was quite liberating the pressure of the timescale I set myself set in rapidly.  There were quite a few sleepless nights where your mind is going so fast that shutting your eyes seems to speed it up, but now, a week before the off everything is looking rosy and the countdown starts proper. 

 I’ll try and keep this updated to show the transition from London life to alpine life and the developments in the summer and winter riding in the Portes du Soleil.